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I came across Jet Brains Academy this morning and started with their Python track.

Thus far I am having a blast learning more about Python using their platform. They also feature a Java track that I will be looking at after completing the Python track.

If you already use a JetBrains IDE like Pycharm then you are able to code the solutions to the questions from within your IDE.

Other nice features I like are:

  • Short byte sized lessons – pun intended
  • Questions on the topics you just learned
  • You can choose to start with the beginners project or jump ahead to intermediate or advanced projects if you are so inclined. Which is great as you don’t need to work through all the basics if you already work with Python.
  • A discuss section to discuss each problem you are presented with to solve with other students.
  • Each section takes a few minutes to teach you the content of the topic which is better than some other resources I have used with a crap ton of fluff in between to make the lessons longer. (This is very much appreciated)

I started withe the beginner project and already learned a few more things in Python that I did not know about so it might be worth quickly working through the beginner project if you are more experienced. That’s up to you.

I will do a review of this course when I finish it as this post is more of a “letting you know about the course” post.


Lock down learning

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As most of us on planet earth are on lock down I thought that I’d have more time to learn more.

For a start, Pluralsight has made all their courses available for free for the month of April and you do not need to provide credit card details when signing up.

Personally I just finished Jessica McKellar‘s Intro to Python course on Oreilly which I really enjoyed. I’m looking forward to Jessica’s Intermediate course as she explains everything really well.

I’m currently still studying for the RHCSA and doing Python courses on Pluralsight since it is free this month.

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C++, AWS and Redhat

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Things got really busy in a hurry. I haven’t done the 100 days of code as planned as work started getting extremely busy. I also started studying for my Unisa exam (C++) that I am writing in a couple of weeks.\

I had to finish an AWS Cloud Essentials course for work which took a lot of time and I am working through the RHCSA materials on the side in order to write my RHCSA exam in December/January. I am also looking into writing the first AWS certification in the first quarter.

On top of that I am trying to keep myself busy with Python.

I should be more active after my Unisa exam as I have a few projects ideas of which one of them consists of .Net.

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Linux Academy

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I joined Linux Academy a long time ago but cancelled it because of financial reasons. This week I had another look at them and the courses they provide. There are quite a lot of courses I’d like to do and joined them again.

The idea is to learn more technologies and certify myself on other non Microsoft technologies. Like the saying goes, knowledge is power and I have a curious mind. More to follow on my journey using Linux Academy.

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Change of plans

I started a new job a few months ago. With all the changes in my work life I decided to start learning Java as it’s the preferred technology used at our office.

This year was also a new chapter for me as I started my Bsc Computer science degree where I will be doing programming in C and C++. The journey has properly started and I should start blogging more on my experiences with getting to know Java, C and C++.  I have a few ideas for programs I’d like to write and release but more on that later this year or early next year.

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Beginning C# 6.0 Programming with Visual Studio 2015

I’ve been playing with different ways of learning to program like reading books and watching videos.

There’s a huge amount of resources to go and learn and I always felt that videos are the best way for me to learn programming as it is the medium I use to study for my Microsoft exams. That is till I bought the book Beginning C# 6.0 Programming with Visual Studio 2015 by Benjamin Perkins, Jacob Vibe Hammer and Jon D. Reid.

I found it much easier to learn programming from books especially the book mentioned above. My issue is that my mind wonders when watching videos and I noticed that I miss key concepts when watching and following the videos. However, I still use videos to learn programming as it just feels easier to get through the information presented.

Basically what I’m saying here is that I will be working through this book and then come back and blog about my experience using a book to study versus using videos to study.

Click on the links to buy the book Beginning C# 6.0 Programming with Visual Studio 2015 if you also feel that books might be more to your liking in studying a specific topic or technology.