Convert a PyQt ui file to a Python file on Linux

Part of my Python programming module at Unisa is based on creating GUI applications using the Qt framework, PyQt5 to be more precise.

Unfortunately the study guide is based on Windows and not everything works the same way on Linux. The problem I had was not converting the .ui file as saved from Qt Designer to the .py file but with opening and running the application. The first conversion I did was straight from the guide as per below:

pyuic5 source.ui -o

That converted the .ui file to a .py file but I could not run the application. Two things happened.

  1. Running (python failed and showed import errors. This was not explained in the study guide and I figured out I need to run it as (python3
  2. Problem is that the above application opens and closes when running it as (python3 After a lot of research I found that the -x flag needs to be used when converting the .ui file to the .py file on Linux as per below.
pyuic5 -x source.ui -o

I managed to open the GUI application after converting the PyQt file (.ui) to a Python file (.py) using the above -x flag before the .ui file.

The below video shows the steps in detail.

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