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Good bye 2020 and good riddance

It’s safe to say we all had a 2020 to forget and unfortunately 2021 did not start out so well for me either.

But hey, it’s a new year and new plans. Yes I finally decided to pivot my career to focus on Information Security thus I will still be posting about my programming here as well as my Information Security journey and anything I find interesting around these fields.

I just finished an edX module in C programming. I’m still focusing on Python and plan to write the PCEP exam in a few weeks time if I have the budget.

Today I started reviewing the PCEP course ware in order to prepare for the exam.

Other plans, budget dependent, are to finish the C Programming in Linux course doing the verification track in order to support them and to get the certs to show I did the work. After that I will be able to write the Network +, Linux + and Security + certs this year. (They’re just so damn expensive!)

I’m also looking into doing a few other security related certifications and will probably have to do the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and a few Microsoft certs for work. Let’s see how it goes this year as I don’t want to over extend.

The IT operational, Linux and other technical things will still be blogged about and covered over at my Exchange Times blog.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I also volunteered for a few things over at Rocky Linux. Go have a look at what we are doing over there 🙂