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import Tkinter does not work in Python 3

I am busy working through an older book called Tkinter GUI Application Development HOTSHOT by Bhashkar Chaudhary but the book is written for Python 2.7

I am using Python 3.10 and some of the statements in the book does not work for Python 3 so I will be posting the changes from time to time.

The first issue I stumbled on is the import statement to import Tkinter. From the book you need to import it as:
import Tkinter and this does not work in Python 3. in Python 3 use import tkinter (without the capital T)

The test in IDLE as per the book will also fail for Python 3.
The book shows Tkinter._test() but will fail as the Python 3 library for tkinter does not contain the capital T.

Use: tkinter._test()

Here are the errors (screenshot 1) and then another screenshot of it working in Python 3: