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    How to check if a link in an email is malicious

    I’ve always told family and friends to never just click on a link, received in email, whatsapp, sms wherever. They always ask “how do I know if the link is malicious”? In this video I show you some red flags to look out for and where you can verify these links. Remember, if you did not expect the email then it probably is not 100% legit and you need to be always verify links. It is very easy to fake a sender and I will do another video on how to check that. Here’s the links to the sites I most commonly use to check links and files: Virus TotalPalo…

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    SANS New to Cyber Summit

    SANS Institute is running a free summit called New to Cyber Summit from tomorrow which you can register for here.They are also running two CTF events, one for beginners and one for more experienced people. Two tracks will be running namely the Career Planning track and the Skill Building track. Some of the talks I am interested in are: Network Basics Introduction to Security Architecture Job role spotlight: Incident detection and response Intro to Social Engineering Infosec Snake Wrangling: Intro to Python The nuts and bolts of Cryptography and Everyday Cybersecurity You will also receive 6 CPEs for attending the summit. Hope to see you there!

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    Time to patch again

    I did my first ever CTF this past weekend and had a lot of fun, met great people and learned a ton. Another post on that later. If you are running Windows and especially Exchange, then make sure to read the below article and patch your systems as soon as possible as 5 new 0 day vulnerabilities are patched with this week’s patch Tuesday from Microsoft. You can find one of the articles here which has more information and some information on patches that have been released from the likes of Cisco and Adobe. Remember to keep your software up to date.