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    2023 Update

    2022 has been a busy year with work and studies. I wrote and passed the Security+, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Palo Alto’s PCNSA and updated my M365 Certified Security Administrator Associate certification. This year I’m focusing more on the Red Team / penetration testing side of things. Currently I am busy studying to write the CCNA and then the medium plan is to write and pass the CPTS, PNPT and OSCP this year depending on time and budget. I will also be posting a lot more TryHackme and Hack the Box walk through as I work through those. CTF competitions are also high on the to do list for this…

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    Good bye 2020 and good riddance

    It’s safe to say we all had a 2020 to forget and unfortunately 2021 did not start out so well for me either. But hey, it’s a new year and new plans. Yes I finally decided to pivot my career to focus on Information Security thus I will still be posting about my programming here as well as my Information Security journey and anything I find interesting around these fields. I just finished an edX module in C programming. I’m still focusing on Python and plan to write the PCEP exam in a few weeks time if I have the budget. Today I started reviewing the PCEP course ware in…

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    Moved to new host and podcasts

    It’s been a while since I posted as I wanted to first move this website to a new host as I was not very happy with my previous hosting company. At last the site and hosting has been moved and I can start blogging again. I will also start a podcast / vlog for this site where I will be talking about my projects, what I am learning or struggling with and anything else interesting to do with my journey to learn programming. Keep an eye out for when the first episode goes live, which should be soon.