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    Hard work pays off

    As the title and cliche says, hard work pays off and I can vouch for that. It’s been a lot of work, studying, practice and networking but at last I am working in an Information Security role. I’ve been thrown in to the deep end, but that’s what I like, sink or swim. I have already learnt so much more since I started in my new awesome team. It goes to show, you will achieve your goals if you work hard, believe in yourself and take any failures as stepping stones and experience rather than as failures. I have not reached all my goals as yet, I am still working…

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    Day 1 of #100DaysOfCode

    Today I started with the #100DaysOfCode challenge. The reason for starting the challenge is to force myself to code everyday and getting into the habit of coding. The 1st project I started is to access my CCTV RTSP stream from Linux, using a Python program, since the system only supports Windows and an Android App that feeds the video to a cloud service which I am not fond of. It took some time to figure out the correct RTSP URI format but I managed to get it working and using the RTSP library from PyPi I am now able to view a stream. You can find my GitHub repo here.…

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    2018 was a good year

    I passed all but one of my Unisa exams last year and I’m feeling positive with continuing to study for my degree this year. This semester I registered for Introduction to Programming (C++) which I unfortunately failed last semester as well as Visual Programming I, Maths and Mining (Physics, Chemistry) as part of my extended program. Now I have to wait for Unisa to approve the registration before I can kick off this year’s studying. I also started game development using C# and Unity with a colleague to make a few small games with the end goal being a competitive FPS.